The ceremonies can be performed in a cave from the Mayan worldview, it symbolizes purity, calmness and tranquility, silence and peace site as the matrix representing mother nature. The main idea is to become one with nature first thanking the supreme power "Ajaw" all that we are and offer up all spirituality for our needs, or desires afflictions. The spiritual guide (Ajq'ij) choose the best place and the offering will be used as objects, food and items needed for the ceremony each and every one of them with mystical symbolism.

The fire is vitally important in the life of man and that is how it also takes in the ceremony because it is the only element of nature that can not be disturbed by man and with its heat and lighting help to " grandparents "(people for whom the ancestral knowledge from generation to generation is transferred to preserve the customs, traditions and beliefs and that through their faith) attend the supreme power" Ajaw "to ensure their descendants so that nothing happens to them and their paths are flat and straight as he reads the "Popol Vuh" Mayan holy book.

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HANAL PIXAN (Day of Dead)

The hanal pixán, or "food of the spirits" is a tradition of the Mayan people is carried out to remember in a special way to friends. October 31st day is celebrated November 2 where the souls "given permission" to visit relatives. October 31 is dedicated to children and call him "or hanal palal", on November 1, it is dedicated to adults dead and call him "or hanal NUCUCH UINICOOB" and the last day is known as "u hanal PIXANOOB "better known as" pixán ", usually in the cemetery of the population.

The tradition includes various rites and typical food of the season, "so-Chucua" (gruel that is made with corn, cacao, pepper and anise), fruit, bread, "kids" or "mucbipollos" which is a typical dish Maya which is prepared based on an underground oven, balché (intoxicating drink made from the bark of a tree that is named), all that decorated with candles, flowers, branches rough and photographs of the deceased.

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Kin, the Mayan god of the sun divided the day into two symmetrically, the legendary pyramid "The Castle" in "Chichén Itzá" and thus announced the arrival of the summer solstice, and the presence of the longest day of the year. No sign of Chaac God of the rain, the night before jealous railed against the Maya site, Kin was seen splendorous since his departure at 6:18 pm. However, a few minutes after 8:00 hours and 30 minutes lit up the northeast face of "The Castle of Kukulcan" and instead he refused to look the southwest side.

For the Maya this event is a marker associated with the period of collection of the fruits and crops, but also the date on which the sun has its maximum displacement or decline the north and in one or two days will begin its return to the east by this reason, astronomer Merida Institute of Technology (ITM) Eddie Salazar Gamboa discoverer of this phenomenon expressed that day, the visible presence of the sun is 13 hours 25 minutes, while the evening will be just 10 hours and 35 minutes. However also commented as the sun gradually will diminish their presence until the arrival of the autumn equinox, ie, when day and night are the same length

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