Music is the one that communicates the heavenly with the earthly. Candles are used as a symbol of light and energies in motion. "Copal" and "Incense" are used as an offering to the gods. With the natural elements, the couple exchange vows and delivery the following offerings:

  • Corn, (food for the body & spirit)
  • Cocoa (for the wealthy and the economy)
  • HHoney (for sweetness and love at home) and Salt (for the balance)
  • The pumpkin seeds symbolize the awakening consciousness
It is offered the sacred Mayan drink called "balché" and the couple drink it to consecrate the bonds. During the ceremony you can listen to some sounds of Mayan instruments as flutes or the "tunk'ul" (Snail) among others.

At the end of the ceremony the guests and relatives throw rose petals to the newly wed wishing them happiness and blessings. Finally, the recently married offer some seeds and rose petals to the sea to ask for abundance and fertility.